Nissan 400Z 2021 the Z Saga

Almost 2 decades have passed and it was time for Nissan to seek a radical makeover for the "Fairlady" and recently the japanese company gave us a preview of what will be the replacement of the current 370Z.

The New Nissan 400Z (name not yet official), is the sports car in charge of taking the Z saga to another level since it comes with a more radical design and engine to catch up with its competitors, in fact its most direct enemy is the current Toyota Supra GR. What is almost certain is that the 400Z will carry a 3.0-liter V6 twin turbo engine capable of generating at least 400 HP (the same engine used by the Infiniti Q60 Red Sport respectively). Perhaps later in the future, the NISMO (Nissan Motorsports) version will take care of squeezing a little more power from this reliable engine until it reaches 500-550 HP.

When we talk about radical design, the people of Nissan went back to the past to be inspired and thus make the modern "Fairlady" from scratch, in its exterior line now we see that in the new 400Z you can see a few more "retro" lines which has many similarities to its ancestor the 240Z, The front of the vehicle has more rounded headlights accompanied by taillights (LED) with LED technology and a more square front grille, In the rear of this vehicle we do not have much information but strong rumors claim that the taillights were inspired by the 300ZX. We can also appreciate that the C-pillar will bear the undeniable "Z" emblem.

For the Interior design of the 400Z, we hope that Nissan adopts the same amenities and comforts that it has accustomed us with its other models such as the Maxima and the Sentra, They have come a long way in terms of finishes and materials. This Sports car is also expected to carry the state-of-the-art central infotainment display including 4G and 5G connection on the dashboard.

Due to the pandemic we are going through worldwide with the Covid-19, Nissan has delayed the official launch of the new 400Z, it is expected that its debut will be later this year and its sale to the public will be for next year, What is confirmed is that in the coming months they will start production (first it will be the Coupé model and later the Convertible model and finally the NISMO). The sale prices of this supercar will be around 40,000 Dollars (about 36,500 Euros approximately). With that said, we look forward to having him face the new Toyota Supra GR to see who wins in this duel of the Titans.

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